In Whom I Am Well Pleased


Matthew 3:17, "And suddenly a voice came from heaven, saying, "This is My beloved son, in whom I am well pleased."

After I read this verse, God gave me this thought:  If Jesus, the Son of God, needed to audibly hear His Father’s voice Honor Him, then how much more do our kids need to hear our voices as we choose to honor them?  

Parents, our words are powerful in our kids lives, and when they come from a place of honor, our kids will be encouraged, empowered, & equipped. So the next time they have a decision to make, they will begin to make courageous choices from a foundation of Truth! Our kids reflect what they see. So ask the Lord to help you honor your kids and you will get a front row seat to watching your kids honor Jesus, honor you, & honor others. May it be so in Jesus' name!

So if you need a breakthrough in your relationship with your kids, begin to honor them. If we continue to just correct wrong behavior, we will grow apart from our kids, and that is exactly what the enemy wants. Ask the Lord to highlight the gifts and strengths He has given your kids, and begin to call those truths and actions out of them through honor. What does honor look like? It's simply telling your kids how proud you are of them and what a blessing it is to be their parent. It's catching them doing something right and quickly praising them. It's supporting their dreams more than your dreams for them. It's telling them everyday that I believe in you and I trust you. It's reminding them that they are not a disappointment, but that they are overcomers because of Jesus.