June Week 1

Birth – 4 year olds



“You made the world and everything in it.”

Psalm 89:11, NCV


God made everything.  That’s the simple truth that your children will be learning in June and July. 

Those pretty flowers you passed the other day – God made them.  That dog curled up at your feet – God made him.  That sweet little child you tuck into bed each night – God made her.  God made everything.   When was the last time you really thought about that?  When is the last time you sat outside, looked around and said, “Wow!  God made all this!   Thank you God!”  It’s awesome and overwhelming to think about all God made.  And it’s even more incredible to think that He made you.  And to think about how much He loves you. 

Kindergarten – 5th grade



“Faith is being sure of what we hope for.  It is being sure of what we do not see.”

Hebrews 11:1 NirV


WEEK 1:  Faith is believing what Jesus did can change me.  Our kids have incredibly beautiful imaginations.  They see shape in the stairs of the night sky.  They make up stories about unicorns and fairies.  They pretend to be the MVP of their favorite pro team.  With their imaginations, kids dream big and imagine impossible dreams.  But at some point every kid realizes stars are simply balls of gas, unicorns aren’t real and their odds of going pro are slim.  Sometimes reality can be disappointing.  But sometimes reality changes us for the better.  The real story of Jesus – how he really walked on earth, how he really dies for our sins and how he really rose again – gives our kids something to believe in that will see them through the ups and downs of life. When kids allow the story of Jesus to become part of who they are, it can impact every decision they make.

BOTTOM LINE:  The story of Jesus changes everything.

MEAL TIME:  Ask a kid:  How can you point others to Jesus with the way you live your life?  Ask a parent:  Whom do you know that lives their life in such a way that it makes people want to know more about Jesus?

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